For your feet? Oh, yes Zuriick shoes!

Well, usually I don't write about fashion, but if I should to wrote something about style, I would like to write about Zuriick shoes. I love them! I still not bought any, but it is because we (together with Petr) can decide which one of them we want! :))

Zuriick shoes - "they are not just made from premium materials: leather and canvas, stitches and lacing. Zuriick shoes are made from a lifetime of memories and experiences. They are conceived and designed my Michael McCaleb, a quiet guy with an eye for style and, lucky for you, a generous nature."

"Be a part of the Zuriick story - every shoe here has one, and it ends on your feet. Or is that where it begins?"

The story about Zuriick is interesting, so I recommend to read about them on official website, where you can also buy these stylish shoes.

All photo via Zuriick facebook page