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The place where I want to be...Hotel San Giorgio Mykonos

Oh, I know that today's post is already posted, but I have to share this. Today I get new mini Est and interior of a four star beach hotel San Giorgio Mykonos very attracted my attention. As Est wrote "the most impressive hotel website we have ever seen" and can't disagree.

As I also read on their website the story of San Giorgio Hotel project begins in the mid 90s when Thomas Heyne met Mario Hertel. Hotel and all 33 rooms and other spaces recpect characteristic Mykonos architecture. From every corner you see and feel organic forms and simple design reflect a sense of history, heritage, style and simplicity. What is interesting (and what impressed me very much) is that in the room you can't find a television because of laid back bohemian philosophy. But are available on request. 

"Today's travellers expect more than just the standardised comfort and convenience, they are looking for a true and authentic experience. People are not seeking for luxury in a traditional definition any more. Today, sophisticated travelers are looking for the truth of their individual needs, which is relaxing from their daily life and just being themselves. The idea of San Giorgio is to bring like minded people together and laid back atmosphere. The hotel is designed to encourage interaction and yet giving those who are looking for a more private atmosphere the refuge to relax and recreate."

Well I don't know very much about today's travelers and I don't know how demanging they are, but as for me, this is the place where I want to be and I know exactly what they mean that people are not seeking for luxury in a traditional definition any more. This is exactly my case...

Have a nice weekend!

Photos by hotel San Giorgio Mykonos website
Spotted on Est Magazine


Neutral, pure, beautiful,...Yvonne Koné lives here

A little while ago I subscribed Est Magazine where I found this beautiful apartment where designer Yvonne Koné lives. This home is a perfect representation of its stylish owner and the brand she created. 


Před nějakou chvilkou jsem začala odebírat Est Magazine, kde jsem našla tenhle nádherný byt, kde žije designérka Yvonne Koné. Tenhle domov perfektně reprezentuje styl její majitelky i značky, kterou tvoří.

Styling: Stine Langvad
Photography: Line Klein
for Elle Decoration Denmark

Photos and inspiration via Est Magazine