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Best 10 things of last time. Or links. Whatever.

I do not want to ape other bloggers here and show my weekly linkpack of interesting things, but the truth is that for the last time I saw some really interesting links, so why not share them with you? :)

Enjoy this link pack, have fun and wish you a great Saturday! 



Very very nice bags and accessories . It was really hard to choose just four products from their assortment :) 

Booyuko - Metro

This song I recently fell in love.

By Nord

They have much more products in their shop, but my attention attracted mostly photo printed cushions.

Photos by Nord

3D Printed Eames lounge chair by Kevin Spencer

Tiny, but still design! :)
Spotted on Design Milk



Alias miathesuperodinary. I found Mia from Sweden last week, and really love photos of her home. She is very good stylist. Mia's blog you can follow on Bloglovin

Photos by Mia  

Shwood - wooden Eyewear

Design for your eyes.
Photos by Shwood  


I think that the funniest dog ever!

The Oatmeal

And comix about dog paradox. So true! And funny...I recommend to read whole comix :) 


Long shadow design

"Let’s be honest guys, flat design is so old already. Now every major smartphone’s interface is flat design, and most of the shit that goes on dribbble is too. In fact, they even have a ‘beating a dead horse’ badge if you post about flat design on designer news. Let’s face it guys, flat design has gone mainstream.

But if you are a design hipster looking for the next big thing, allow us to introduce the next design trend: Long Shadow Design. As you might be able to imagine, this trend includes objects with disproportionately long shadows, and for some reason it looks great."

Texted by Jeff Escalante, images via Jeff Escalante 


Really nice presentation of three fonts from two Czech designers Tomáš Brousil a Slávka Pauliková and from Laura Worthington from Seattle. Presentation is here and here you can buy a lot of great fonts.

Last two links recommended me great graphic designer Petr Šulc